Triple P for Baby – for expecting parents or parents with a baby up to 12 months old

Is this your family?

You’re either expecting or have a baby up to 12 months old. Perhaps you’re struggling to soothe your little one and looking to learn how to respond to their crying. You’re also discovering some changes in yourself and hoping to learn how to handle uncomfortable emotions and deal with shifts in the relationship with your partner. Everything is so new and that comes with its challenges! However, if you're looking to start your parenting journey with some positive skills and strategies under your belt, Triple P for Baby is for you.

What is Triple P for Baby?

Triple P for Baby is a toolkit of positive parenting strategies for new and expecting parents - someone like you! The programme focuses on helping you create a positive relationship with your baby from the very beginning, promoting their development and teaching them new skills and behaviours as they grow and advance over the course of their first year.

What can I expect from this programme?

You’ll learn how to build a close parent-child relationship and take on the challenges and delights of parenthood from the start. You’ll also discover how to manage your emotions and communicate more effectively with your partner about parenting. From what you learn in the programme, you may choose which strategies work best for you and your family.

Triple P for Baby

Over eight sessions, you’ll cover a range of strategies and exercises that will help you develop a positive relationship with your baby. There are four 2-hour sessions taken in a group setting with up to 10 other parents, followed by four 30-minute individual consultations.

Check to see if there are sessions being offered near you.

Triple P for Baby - Individual sessions

Perhaps you’d prefer to take your sessions individually or as a couple. You’ll cover the same materials as you would in the Triple P for Baby group sessions, but at times that suit both you and your provider.

Check to see if a provider near you offers individual sessions.