Group Triple P – all you want to know about parenting

Is this your family?

Other parents don’t seem to have it as tough as you. Your child constantly misbehaves. Your family life is full of frustration, anger and tears. There’s probably a lot of shouting and your child may even be aggressive – perhaps hitting you, the furniture or his brothers and sisters. In fact, every day – from breakfast to bedtime – is a battle. If this sounds familiar, then Group Triple P can help. Group Triple P gives you support to help you manage your child’s behaviour and prevent the kinds of problems that make your family life stressful.

Or is this you?

You want to create the happiest home life you can. You may have a few concerns about your child’s behaviour – perhaps there’s disobedience or you simply want to find out how to set up better routines for mealtimes or bedtimes. Whatever it is, you’re very interested to learn more about positive parenting and how you can apply it to your family. If you’re ready for a more in-depth look at the parenting strategies that really work, Group Triple P is ideal.

What happens at group triple p?

Group Triple P is a great opportunity to meet other parents in similar situations – other parents who’ll support you and share stories with you.

From the start, you’ll be given tips and suggestions to fit the needs of your family. You’ll see scenes from the Every Parent’s Survival Guide DVD, which show you how the ideas work in real life. And your workbook will give you the tools and information you need to start positive parenting right away at home. Your Triple P provider will guide you every step of the way and even provide backup phone support as you put your new skills into practice.

How long does it take and how big are the groups?

There are usually about 12 parents in a group session. You will spend at least eight hours with your group. This could be in weekly sessions of two hours each. Or it could be one or two longer sessions. Group Triple P is: 

  • Up to four group sessions with other parents. 
  • A few weeks for home practice. (Your Triple P provider will call you each week to help and support you and offer advice if you’re having any trouble. Those calls should last about 15 minutes.) 
  • One final group session or phone call. This is a chance to go over any questions – and to congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come!