Fear-Less Triple P – If your child is anxious

Is this your family?

Your child (aged 6 to 14 years) has anxiety that is affecting their everyday life. It may stop them, or your whole family, from doing certain activities. Your child may be worried a lot of the time. You may swing between reassuring them and telling them to face their fears. Neither of these seems to work, and their anxiety seems to increase. You may feel like you’ve tried everything, and possibly may be anxious yourself. If parenting a child with anxiety is affecting your life and you’d like to help your child worry less and be more confident, Fear-Less Triple P can help.

What is Fear-Less Triple P?

Fear-Less Triple P helps you set a good example of coping with anxiety, coach children to become more emotionally resilient, and develop your own toolbox of strategies. You can choose how to best support your child as they learn to manage their anxiety more effectively. Fear-Less Triple P is part of the comprehensive parenting system, the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®.

What can I expect from this programme?

Fear-Less Triple P encourages you to use practical strategies with all family members, not just the child who seems especially anxious. In this way, the Fear-Less Triple P programme helps the whole family. The programme is based on research and experiences working with the families of anxious children for over 30 years. (Fear-Less Triple P is co-authored by clinical psychologist Vanessa Cobham, a specialist in the field of child anxiety, based at the University of Queensland, Australia.)

Why is it called “Fear-Less”?

It’s called “Fear-Less” (not “fearless”) because it’s not possible (or useful) to completely eliminate fear from our lives. Sometimes fear is reasonable and helps keep us safe. In other words, being “fearless” isn’t actually helpful. What we can do, however, is reduce unnecessary fear and worry. This means learning to cope with anxious feelings, and becoming more confident. This is true whether we’re adults, teenagers, or children.

How can I do Fear-Less Triple P?


This online, self-paced, interactive positive parenting programme will help you support your child to manage their anxiety.
Get started with Fear-Less Triple P Online


This is ideal if anxiety is only of mild concern or if you’d like to know more about the Fear-Less programme. You go to the seminar with anywhere from 20 to more than a hundred parents. It can be a relief to know other families share your experiences. The seminar takes 2 hours, and you’ll get an overview of what anxiety is and what causes it, and a tip sheet with practical strategies you can try at home.

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This comprehensive programme is delivered over a number of weeks, or as an intensive 1-day workshop. You’re either having significant problems with your child’s anxiety or you simply want to know how to encourage your child’s emotional resilience and coping skills. Over six sessions, you can cover a range of strategies and exercises that will help you put your plans into action!

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You’ll cover all the same material as you would in the Group Fear-Less programme, but you do the sessions individually (or as a couple) with your provider. The times of the sessions can be worked out to suit you and your provider, to make it easier for everyone!

Check to see if a provider near you offers Fear-Less Triple P individual sessions.