Enhanced Triple P – for more serious family problems

Is this your family?

Home is an unhappy place. Maybe you and your partner are fighting all the time. Perhaps you can’t agree on the best way to be a parent. You could be really stressed, angry or even depressed. Life always seems to be on the edge.

If this sounds like you, Enhanced Triple P can help calm things down at home so you will feel a lot better – and your children will too. Your Triple P provider can refer you to do Enhanced Triple P (either with them or another Triple P provider trained to deliver Enhanced).

What is Enhanced Triple P?

This is like a mix-and-match selection of help options. First, you and your Triple P provider get together to work out what special support you need. You then choose from three mini-courses (modules) – selecting ones that are right for you. You can do one, two or all three of these mini-courses. You’ll do these in private, with your Triple P provider – usually in your own home. It’s all about giving you individual attention.

What can I expect to learn in these mini-courses?

Practice Sessions will help you work on any specific Triple P strategies you’ve been having trouble with. You’ll get special attention and support to help you feel more confident as a parent.

Coping Skills helps parents cope with the emotional crises that can make parenting difficult. So you’ll work out how to calm your moods, prepare for stressful situations and even how to relax.

Partner Support will encourage you and your partner to work better as a team. It will help you improve communication, support each other and tackle problems together – without fights! How does a better relationship sound?

How long does Enhanced Triple P take?

Each mini-course is no more than three sessions. Each session takes a maximum of 90 minutes. But these short sessions could make all the difference to your family – and you!