Group Teen Triple P – all you want to know about parenting teens

Is this your family?

Your teen’s behaviour has become too much for you to handle. At home, there’s probably a lot of shouting and very little agreement. Or maybe you don’t bother trying to talk anymore. But you are worried. Where will this all end? 

Or, maybe it isn’t that bad. It’s just that you realise things can change very quickly. So you’re keen to know as much as possible about positive parenting so you’ll be prepared if hassles arise. 

Either way, Group Teen Triple P can give the support you need. 

What is Group Teen Triple P?

Group Teen Triple P is a great chance to meet other parents in similar situations with similar concerns. 

At Group Teen Triple P, you’ll be given tips and suggestions to suit the needs of your family. The Every Parent’s Guide to Teenagers DVD will show you how the strategies work in real life and your workbook will give you the tools you need to start positive parenting right away. 

How many parents attend and how long is the course?

There are usually about 12 parents in a group session. You will spend at least eight hours with your group. This could be in weekly sessions of two hours each. Or it could be one or two longer sessions. Group Teen Triple P is: 

  • Up to four group sessions with other parents. 
  • A few weeks for home practice. (Your Triple P provider will call you each week to help and support you and offer advice if you’re having any trouble. Those calls should last about 15 minutes.) 
  • One final group session or phone call. This is a chance to go over any questions – and to congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come!