Emotional wellbeing = built on stability

Feeling loved and cared for helps brain development

Building a framework for the brain

A bricklayer creates solid foundations for a well-built house. Solid foundations for a child's developing brain are also important. Creating sense of stability and security helps do this. A safe, calm, caring and positive environment that encourages learning helps the brain grow properly.

Why stability is important

  • Children's emotional, mental health and physical health are all linked.
  • A combination of physical and emotional factors helps create a healthier brain.
  • Children do better with loving, calm, consistent parenting.
  • Positive parenting can help overcome other problems.
  • At special times of the year, especially if things are a little different to normal, there are ways to help keep things calm and positive.

Simple family traditions are more than just good fun

It's good to have fun together, with family traditions like jokes, stories about events, sharing photos, memories and meals. And some basic daily routines make life easier. But little everyday moments are so much more, too:

  • Just like positive interactions, stability and security help the developing brain.
  • Stress and disruption can have a negative effect. Routines and familiarity help reduce stress.
  • Special family moments strengthen relationships. This supports emotional wellbeing.
  • A connection to cultural or family traditions also helps build a sense of belonging.

In other words, simple family traditions can help support children's and teenager's emotional wellbeing and coping skills. Read more on why this is a hot topic right now.

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